Equipment Maintenance

Improving Efficiency and Resolving Anomalies

Improving Efficiency and

Resolving Anomalies


Achieving Accurate Equipment Maintenance on The First Implementation

By using an AI app to guide equipment maintenance inspections, an AI coach provides clear repair instructions and anomaly detection, assisting on-site personnel in resolving equipment abnormalities and ensuring successful repairs. This approach effectively tackles issues caused by human factors, such as negligence, lack of experience, and operator errors, guaranteeing accurate equipment maintenance on the first implementation.


Automatically Generating Digital Quality Control Report

With digitization technology, recording the entire maintenance process in detail, automatically generating and saving digital quality control reports, enabling easier grasp to report data and enhancing work efficiency.


Instant Collaboration with Remote Experts

With the real-time remote expert connection feature, operators can engage in video calls and 3D mixed reality interactions with remote experts, accessing their expert guidance to solve problems. The remote mode blocks out any video footage beyond the machine operations to prevent any confidential information from being leaked.

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