Hybrid Training

Cost-Effective Establishment of

Sustainable Human Resources

Cost-Effective Establishment

of Sustainable

Human Resources


Mixed Reality Vocational Training

Through the integration of virtual 3D images and entity models, we conduct mixed reality vocational training, significantly reducing training costs. Additionally, it minimizes the need for dedicated teaching venues and equipment scheduling, making vocational training to take place anytime, anywhere.


AI Coach Leading Standardized Learning

With the assistance of AI detection, personnel can ensure the correct execution of procedures, just like having a coach who can provide clear instructions and conduct real-time checks. This helps personnel achieve precise mastery of complex operations.


Reducing the Vocational Training Time

By digitally storing expert knowledge, learners are no longer restricted by the presence or absence of a coach and can engage in repetitive training. By mixed reality learning methods, reduce reliance on rote memorization and increase practical exercises, enabling learners to quickly become proficient.

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