ADAT X RealWear: Advanced AI Inspection Solutions

Discover the power of ADAT AI Inspection combined with RealWear to streamline your equipment inspections. With one simple voice-command, you can effortlessly execute AI reading, anomaly identification, report generation and photo documentation.

RealWear and ADAT AI Integration

RealWear provides a powerful platform for bringing ADAT’s AI to the frontline, enhancing productivity, safety, and efficiency.
By enabling hands-free operation, RealWear devices are the natural fit for AI-powered solutions that assist workers in real-world scenarios.
Whether it’s manufacturing, field services, healthcare, or other sectors, RealWear and ADAT can transform how employees access and leverage AI to get the job done faster and more consistently.


Equipment Maintenance

By using AI-guided instructions and support, maintenance staff can boost repair quality, reduce downtime, reduce human errors, and improve the stability and efficiency of equipment and production lines.


Quality Inspection

When AI anomaly detection is applied in factory or equipment inspection, it substantially reduces human errors, improves inspection quality control, and ensures real-time anomaly notifications, contributing to a more efficient and cost-effective operational process.

See it in action:
RealWear Navigator Series + ADAT AI Inspection

Discover how the AI and AR solution is used to support an on-site operator to complete pre-flight 360 inspection in real-time, that includes full guidance for each step-by-step inspection, anomaly detection, SOP guidance and inspection summary.

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