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4 Major Challenges Faced by Industries

4 Major Challenges Faced

by Industries

Human Error Raises Safety Issues

In complex industrial environments, human errors can compromise safety and halt entire production lines. ADAT develops AI solutions that simplify intricate tasks via AI-guided workflows and verification to prevent cost losses from human errors.

No real-time detection on product defects

Undetected production line defects risk final product non-compliance, causing customer loss, lowered productivity, and higher costs. ADAT uses AI anomaly detection to identify defects in real-time, helping reduce waste and emissions by catching issues early.

Employee turnover leaves a knowledge gap

High turnover hurts competitiveness, especially in high-tech with recruitment struggles. ADAT's AI coaching rapidly upskills talent, building strong knowledge to cope with turnover, enabling sustainable talent development.

Paper Reports Lack Accuracy and Timeliness

Traditional paper-based reports waste time, manpower, and are prone to errors, affecting overall production efficiency. ADAT's AI detection technology automates factory monitoring, offering real-time insights for swift and accurate decision-making, anywhere, anytime.

ADAT Product Introduction

ADB|No-Code AI AR Development Platform

ADB (AIR Design Builder) combines no-code AI training, AR editing, and SOP optimization modules in one platform. This enables businesses to build AI/AR apps with less time and resources, optimizing operations, training, quality control, reporting and decisions, as well as assisting digital transformation and sustainable use of human resources.

AIR|Customized AI AR Application

AIR app identifies abnormalities via AI, prompts real-time alerts, while provides route and SOP guidance. Simplifies instructions, improves efficiency, reduces downtime and human error.

Works on tablets, phones, PDAs or HMDs. ADAT creates customized AIR solutions for specific customer needs, enabling rapid AI deployment at lower digital transformation costs.

5G AI Inspection GO|Factory Operation Smart Inspection

5G AI Inspection GO is a solution for factory patrol inspections, assisting to obtain real-time accurate operations data to improve safety. Combining AI detection, rugged tablets and Taiwan Mobile's 5G network, it enables easy smart factory implementation without extensive hardware changes.

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