Total Solution for Factory Inspection:

Integrating Software, Hardware, and Communication

Total Solution for

Factory Inspection:

Integrating Software,


and Communication

In collaboration with Taiwan Mobile Enterprise Business, ADAT harnesses AI image detection technology with 5G-equipped iPad mobile devices. This total solution adeptly addresses key challenges in factory inspection:

5G AI Inspection GO

Customizing digital solutions to match customer needs, "5G AI Inspection GO" bolsters inspection efficiency and record-keeping. This budget-friendly strategy expedites the incorporation of 5G and AIoT, fostering the realization of smart factory objectives.


Streamlined 4-Step Inspection with 1 Single Click

The 5G AI Inspection GO software boasts full functionality and a user-friendly interface. With a simple click, you can seamlessly execute four inspection stages: AI reading, anomaly identification, report generation, and photo documentation.


AI-Powered Versatility in Meter and Gauge Reading

5G AI Inspection GO offers a wide range of detection and reading capabilities, encompassing analog and digital gauges, light signals, switches, and more. Real-time alerts amplify its effectiveness.


Applications in Diverse Industries

5G AI Inspection GO provides convenient, swift, and cost-effective digital transformations tailored to a wide range of sectors, including power, chemical, petrochemical, semiconductor, traditional manufacturing, and electronics industries.

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