What is AI Management Suite

In support of our AI offer we developed an array of technologies to ensure that our AIs always deliver the best results and analysis.

From data collection, selection and training strategy, to algorithm generation and choice.

And further to real world adaptation and accuracy enhancements.

Our dedication to provide the best technical environement for AI improvement is set to extent further into hardware integration and porting some of our technology to dedicated AI chips is under R&D.


Perception Unitization and Normalization Chopping-off How

Domain knowledge data collection method

Convert human expert perception into physical perception Map physical perception to physical measurement Map physical measurement to AI algorithm


Notable Training Data Set

AI data training strategy analysis system

Based on physical measurement and data acquisition state, make true-false combination proposal Based on data availability on true-false proposal, make data generation and allocation optimization proposal

AI Center Filming Method

Actual data filming method to maximize AI functionalities


Labor Intelligent Matrix

AI Algorithm matrix generator and selection system

Based on NTDS, this module line up AI module matrix to give accurate AI prediction results Define necessary bridging program functions


Light Shadow Texture

AI accuracy maximization in adverse lighting condition

When other AI can only work in high lighting controlled condition, LST allow our models to correct for lighting conditions, shadows, contrasts and textures for real life use.