What is ADAT AIs

We offer a full portfolio of AIs dedicated to serve our offer and also available individually.

From detecting issues before they occur and defining actual root cause.

To detecting anomaly in visual inspection and texture analysis.

And further, to control SOP format and guaranty low cognitive loading information delivery.

Combined with our AI Management suite products to guaranty the highest level of quality.

Our dedicated AI engineer can assess and define specific industry needs, select the best data material, design the most adapted training method and AI algorythm configuration, to guaranty high level of accuracy.


Prognostic Predictive Maintenance

Analysing data to prevent fault before it occurs

• A holistic PHM style AI • Complex industrial machines are fitted with a slew of sensors that are not used to their full extent. Our AI gather those data and analyse them to detect the discrete signs heralding a fault or failure before it happens.

Root Cause

Analyse data to find real cause of failure.

Feeding from our Prognostic AI and further sensor data this AI test and determine the definitive cause of any given error or failure allowing you to treat the root cause and not only the symptom.


SOP Upgrade Programming Engine Robot

Creates low cognitive load SOP from curated inputs.

Signs the end of confusing pdf documents, our exclusive AI compile all the necessary sources of information and provides SOP in a simple standardized manner giving all knowledge needed, at the correct time and place, in easy to process steps, helping the engineer the cognitive space to concentrate on high value operations.

Anomaly Detection

Analysing data to prevent fault before it occurs

Trained according to the highest available domain knowledge experts our live feedback AI guaranties that no anomaly stays undiscovered by junior, tired, or distracted personnel.


Active Dent and Deformation IdentifiCation Technique

Surface texture analysis

• Extension and complement to our Anomaly Detection Aide dedicated to surface analysis.